• Kuldip Chaudhary

How to Shoot, while staying at home

Here you can learn, how to shoot while staying at home. Everything starts from basics, so for that, you don’t need any high-end camera or any other equipment, any basic camera or mobile will work. the only thing you need to know is what to shoot and how to shoot. if you have a macro lens then it will be great. Prime lenses are recommended, never forget to play with different light conditions.

What you can shoot:

  1. Spiders

  2. Light bulb

  3. Plate of food

  4. Glassware

  5. Stairs or steps

  6. Pets

  7. Flowers

  8. Fruits

  9. Windows

  10. Whiskey bottle/any bottle which you want

  11. Books

  12. Lego

  13. Candles

  14. Old rusty things

  15. Christmas lights

  16. Lampshades

  17. Shells

  18. Marble

  19. Jewellery

  20. Any textured surface

  21. Soap bubbles

  22. Candy

  23. Tools

  24. Ornaments

  25. Coins

  26. Glasses

  27. Mirror

  28. Smoke art

  29. Ice cubes

  30. Family portraits, etc.

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